You are unique. We are here to embrace it.

Every piece is unique to you. Because no two pieces will ever be exactly the same it becomes a representation of the individuality of each person wearing Soul to Silver Jewelry.


I'm inspired by the flow of nature… letting each piece unfold naturally.

I have designed and created this collection you see here; Soul to Silver Jewelry evokes the beauty of the natural world. With an artistic background in photography, my work behind the camera elevates my natural ability to discern the nuance of light and shadow and the balance of line and composition. This gives rise naturally into the organic designs which you see from Soul to Silver. 

Designed in my Southern California studio, Soul to Silver Jewelry is a reflection of the sea, desert and forests that surround me. The unique and artistic treasures reflecting the inherent grace and design of the floral and fauna as well as the rarities and distinctions of nature. Hand picked precious and semi-precious materials are abundant in texture and color and are used to enhance the sculptural metal.

My hope is that with Soul to Silver Jewelry, you experience the beauty of nature and feel the energy of delight. Each piece is organic and unconventional. They are singularly unique and carry their own story which is individual to the eye of the beholder. I hope you treasure your Soul to Silver pieces of wearable art for years to come.


Award-winning artist Leisa Johnson began designing jewelry…

as an expression of her visual realationship and spiritual connection to the movement and shapes found in nature. Over several years she has won awards for her fine jewelry at the Catalina Island Festival of Arts.

  • 2011 - 2nd Place - Fine Jewelry
  • 2012 - 3rd Place - Fine Jewelry
  • 2013 - 3rd Place - Fine Jewelry
  • 2015 - 2rd Place - Fine Jewelry


If you can't find the answers to your questions please contact us, and we'll get back to you.

How are your jewelry pieces made?

I have been designing and fabricating Jewelry for many years. I work with wax to create each piece as a unique expression of itself. The wax is then cast into sterling silver or bronze as a one of a kind piece and the wax mold is lost forever. I use a combination of elements to create Soul to Silver Jewelry, primarily sterling silver, bronze, copper and semi–precious stones.

Do you design custom jewelry?

Yes I do make custom jewelry.  It starts with a conversation and then moves into a design.  If you have a special or custom stone, I have in the past made a custom piece that surrounds and frames the stone. The length of time to create a custom piece depends on the actual piece.  In the past it has taken approximate a month to create a custom piece of jewelry.

How do I clean my jewelry?

I suggest using a de-greasing liquid dish soap (ie. Dawn ) or Simple Green with a soft toothbrush to clean your jewelry. You can soak your jewelry in warm soapy water then gently use a soft toothbrush to clean and rinse. Jewelry many times looses it’s sparkle with contact to lotion, hair products, ocean air and oil based materials.We also have “Sunshine Polishing Cloths” for sale under the Miscellaneous Category for travel, touch ups and on the go cleaning.

What is your return policy?

Our Guarantee of Quality. If at any time and for any reason, you do not feel that your purchase has lived up to your expectations simply return it for an exchange.Soul To Silver purchases are accepted within 30 days of the original purchase for an exchange.

Can I wear my Soul to Silver Jewelry in the water?

It is never a good idea to wear your jewelry in the ocean, pool or hot tub.  Salt water and Chlorine will tarnish your jewelry pretty quickly.  It can also damage your stones and pearls.  So best plan of action is to take off your jewelry before you dive in.

Can I wear my Soul to Silver Jewelry at the gym?

If your ring(s), bracelets or necklaces are made of sterling, bronze, copper or gold, they are going to get scratched, bent or nicked when they come in contact with the steel equipment at the gym or elsewhere.  STEEL WINS EVERY TIME. Sterling silver is extremely soft.

Can you repair or resize my jewelry?

The answer is “Perhaps.” It depends on the actual piece of jewelry and the needed repair or resizing. If you have a piece which needs repair or resizing, please send a photo and a message to:   We will respond after reviewing the circumstances.

Can I get a different size chain?

Yes, if you prefer a different size or type of chain that is not pictured with the desired piece, simply reach out to us via email:  And  we will try and accommodate your request for a different length of chain.

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