Unique. Original. Handcrafted Jewelry.

Treasures that dazzle and become heirloom pieces for generations. Inspired by nature and the organic beauty that surrounds us. Handcrafted in Southern California by jewelry artist Leisa Johnson.


Responsibly Produced

It is my intention to use as much recycled metal that I can without compromising the integrity and strength of a piece. I also purchase scrap sterling and other metals from facilities that sell the scrap from larger projects. Recycled silver is one of the best materials for the environment and It's the most ethical option because there's no newly mined material. I use upcycled and recycled components with respect for resources, the environment and people.

"I have several pieces of Soul to Silver Jewelry.  I love them because they go with everything and they are comfortable to wear. I receive so many compliments because they are so unique, creative and beautifully handcrafted. I feel Leisa's intention in each special piece, and I feel that love and care every time I wear her jewelry."

Susie, Los Angeles, CA

"Striking!  So beautiful!  Words I hear every time I wear my Soul To Silver necklace.  I am happy and proud to have such a one-of-a-kind, unique and soulfully creative piece."

Macy, Ventura, CA

"Leisa is an amazing designer/creator/artist. Her work is so lyrical and fluid and the way she incorporates stones and gems into her work is such a powerful subtle statement. Whenever I wear Leisa’s pieces,  I’m always stopped and asked who the artist is. I’m very grateful to have a nice collection of her work!"

Cindy, Aspen, CO

"I have a few pieces of jewelry from Soul to Silver and love all of them! They are truly unique, beautiful pieces and I always receive so many compliments on them when I wear them."

Jacqueline, Palos Verdes, CA

"I have several custom pieces from Soul to Silver.  I love the texture, colors, shapes and weights of her jewelry.  The inspirations from the sea, mountains, desert, trees, nature and femininity are weaved into the pieces in such an artful manner. I never miss an opportunity to see what she is creating as I am sure to be excited about a new acquisition!"

Jody, Long Beach, CA

"I own several Soul to Silver pieces. Leisa incorporates her love of the natural world by using metals and minerals to showcase what Mama Nature provides. I get many compliments when I wear my STS Joshua Tree. A piece that reflects my life and what I hold dear—the desert landscape. It's a great comfort to wear such beauty and originality that brings me joy."

Heather, Joshua Tree, CA


Giving back to the community.

Not only do I donate many pieces of jewelry a year to local charity auctions, but I also donate a percentage of my proceeds to the following charities: Surfrider Foundation, Las Floristas, and Project Street Vet.

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Made to Order ~ Made to Order ~ Made to Order ~