Leisa Johnson is inspired by the flow of nature and spirit and enjoys letting each piece unfold naturally.  Award winning artist, Leisa began designing Jewelry as an expression of her visual relationship and spiritual connection to the movement and shapes found in nature.    The Pieces are Organic and Unconventional.  They are singularly unique and carry their own story.  Each Piece and Story is that which is individual to the eye of the beholder.

With a background in photography, Leisa’s work behind the camera and editing images elevated her natural ability to discern the nuance of light and shadow and the balance of line and composition.  This translates naturally into the Organic Designs which you see here.

She has been designing and fabricating Jewelry for many years.  Leisa works with Wax to create each Piece as a unique expression of itself. The Wax is then cast into Sterling Silver as a one of a kind piece and the Wax Mold is lost forever.  Leisa uses a combination of elements to create her Jewelry, primarily Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, and Semi-Precious Stones.

Leisa loves when each person sees and interprets something different in a Piece.

Peace and Blessings,
Soul To Silver Jewelry

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